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CCleaner is a program created by Piriform, which assists the users to create their computer work fast, secure, and trustworthy. The software was designed in 2003. The applications thus clean the disc and provide more distance and make the OS function fast. The Registry Cleaner cleans the registry and also fixes malfunction so as to generate the operating system secure.

CCleaner For Windows 7/8/10 And Mac is a simple and effortless design of this cleaner that uses its abilities to earn your system free of any sort of destruction. Before cleaning the machine it examines the entire system and runs the cleanup procedure alone. It is simple to clear your history, unwanted documents, cookies, cache, temporary internet files, and also all this it may also transparent the Recycle bin of your system by simply selecting the right checkbox. This cleaner requires less than 30 minutes to scan all documents and adjusting them. For this, you may even handle startup programs and uninstall the programs that aren’t required in the computer system.

CCleaner Filehippo 32/64 Bit is among the greatest tools for cleaning the PC. It can secure your privacy and makes your PC protected and faster. It is an intuitive and easy design that may attract users of all ability levels.CCleaner is enjoyed by the majority of the people as it aids in handling all cookies so you can not delete these files that are beneficial for you. Additionally, it offers attributes through the internet procedure but it’s suggested for high troubles, not for fundamental ones. You May Also Check Google Chrome Cleaner.

CCleaner For 32/64 Bit


  • Deletes Temporary files

The program simplifies a temporary file and those documents which take a whole lot of disk space. The freeing from the disc enhances the operation of this computer. This cleaner is found for creating your personal computer free kind cookies, temporary files, and data impacting your system. However, with this, there are numerous features of it for example.

  • Cleaning the computer

The default options of this tool clean up the PC as much as possible however for technology-savvy individuals many other innovative options are available.

  • Application tab

The program tab at the free version provides that the info concerning the tabs which are going to be cleaned. The professional version has there some other apps which clean the temporary files in addition to the logs in the pc. The program provides information regarding the cookies and temporary files that were deleted.

The registry cleaner cleans up all the problems in the registry. Before clearing, it also offers the reason for deleting certain registry entries. In the event the consumer doesn’t wish to delete an entry, then he could deselect it. Another feature of the registry cleaner is that it backs up all of the registry entry so that if any problem occurs after the deletion, the user may restore the previous settings through the backup. If the disk is full, then freeing up space might help increase performance, nevertheless running CCleaner every day does not provide you massive performance gains. In fact, in many cases, this might even slow down things.

  • Software Management

The CCleaner also offers applications uninstaller and users may uninstall the fresh application one by one. The tool does not have the characteristic of uninstalling all of the unused ones concurrently. The one thing a user must do is pick the program in the listing offered by the program, and that application will be uninstalled.

  • Startup Manager

The startup manager accomplishes the context menu of Windows. This is beneficial since there are a few apps, which aren’t often used but are provided on the menu.

  • Plugin Manager

The plugin manager can help to eliminate any unwanted plugin which might cause a browser to behave in a strange way.

  • Drive Wiper

The drive wiper can help to eliminate the traces of deleted files in the driveway. If these traces stay, then the files may be restored.

  • Scan schedule

Users can schedule a scan so that the computer can be scanned at regular intervals. The program can be daily, weekly, or monthly. The user can set the schedule that when the OS starts, the program should start scanning the computer.

  • Automatic close

When applications complete its action, it shuts down automatically and so the user can perform his work while the program is doing its own work.

  • Automatic updates

This attribute is available only with the expert version of the application rather than the free edition. If an upgrade of the program comes, the program pops up for an upgrade, which may be downloaded from the background.

CCleaner Filehippo For Windows 7/8/10

  • Updates System Application

It’s a famous actuality that obsolete applications are insecure. Moreover, old applications may have vulnerabilities that are recognized in addition to shared amongst cyber offenders. Here, CCleaner can upgrade your applications to be able to close security holes.

  • Makes System Faster

When you surf the net your program will automatically decide on the undesirable documents, history, and snacks. The very same things happen when you conduct programs on the computer the majority of the files and placing has stored that makes your system operate at a slow method. With the support of all CCleaner, you are able to get rid of all unwanted files and preferences and also make an area in a computer hard disk and the machine operate in a quicker way.

  • Fix Crashes and System Errors

Whenever your system tray becomes filled with useless files and broken settings, in this case the machine gets cluttered, crashes, and even reveals error messages. This cleaner is comprised of registry cleaner assists in locating these kinds of problems and repair them.

  • Customizable Cleaning

With the support of options and tools tabs offered from the cleaner through that, it permits cleaning in personalize manner in line with the consumer want. If you aren’t a knowledgeable user than you need to certainly need a secure default setting to your system and store it out of malware.

  • Deletes Private Data

The primary and yet another purpose of this cleaner is deleting personal user information. It means that it deletes or erases cookies, browser history, and cache documents from all browsers that you’ve already installed from the computer such as Google Chrome, Firefox, and a lot more. Even it may also erase privacy risking info for your own program.

  • Cleans Browser Data

Browsing net means your system history becomes complete, cookies, and temporary files that you saved in your system each of these things can impact the system. So CCleaner deletes them also.


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