CCleaner Filehippo Free Download

CCleaner Filehippo Free Download

CCleaner Filehippo Free Download

CCleaner is a small, powerful utility for computers running Microsoft Windows which cleans out the crap’ that accelerates within the years: temporary files, broken shortcuts, as well as some other difficulties. CCleaner safeguards your privacy. It cleans your surfing history and temporary files, allowing you be a positive online user and not as vulnerable to identity theft. CCleaner can clean unnecessary files from several programs saving you disk space, remove redundant entries in the Windows Registry, enable you to uninstall the app and select which applications begin with Windows.

CCleaner is a program developed by Piriform, which helps the users to create their computer work fast, secure, and reliable. The software was designed in 2003. The program removes cookies, temporary files, and viruses along with unused data which makes the operating system slow. The software thus cleans the disk and provides more distance and makes the OS function fast. The Registry Cleaner cleans the registry and fixes malfunction in order to make the operating system secure.

What can you use it for?

From its name, you can envision that CCleaner is utilized to clean up your system. In reality, the initial’ in CCleaner stands to get the crap’ it could clean out. It has other uses too:

  • Privacy: Publish passwords, Internet documents, configuration files, and remove System Restore points from a shared PC.
  • Safety: Clean out files from a PC you are giving away or selling. You will possibly wipe free space so the remnants of any data you deleted previously will be erased permanently.
  • Speed: speed up your computer by merely eliminating unnecessary files. Accelerate boot times by cutting the number of programs that start with Windows.
  • Stability: Empower Windows to Operate more Easily with a Fresh Registry.
  • Space: Free up disk space by deleting unnecessary files. Detect and remove duplicate files that clutter your PC.
  • Real-time Protection (CCleaner Professional Only): Clean online traces each time you close Internet Explorer, Chrome, or even a different browser. Check and clean your PC regularly and automatically.

What it can and can’t do

CCleaner has many skills, but it can’t do everything. Following is a list of exactly what it can and can not do.

CCleaner can:

  • Shield your Internet surfing privacy over a shared or public computer by deleting passwords and other temporary Internet files, and so nobody is going to be able to determine where you’ve been. CCleaner Professional can also remove browser monitors every time you shut your Web browser automatically or on demand.
  • Shield your privacy for many Windows programs by removing information about files and folders you have obtained jointly.
  • Eliminate traces of files you have previously deleted by wiping disc space.
  • Clean up the Windows Registry by eliminating information that’s wrong or no longer wanted.
  • Reduce memory loading and quicken boot times by allowing you to specify which programs automatically start with Windows.
  • Uninstall software easily — even if the Windows Control Panel Add/Remove Programs applet will not make it possible for you.
  • Manage your cookies — tiny files on your PC that sites use to track your appointments.
  • Find duplicate files — regain hard disk space and declutter your PC.

What CCleaner can’t do:

  • CCleaner cannot find or remove viruses, spyware, adware, or malware. Take a look in for antivirus software, also for anti-spyware utilities.
  • CCleaner can’t defragment your hard disk. We’ve written a free app named Defraggler that can do just that — check it out.
  • CCleaner can’t recover deleted or corrupted files.

How to download and install Ccleaner Filehippo

  • Click On This Link
  • Look for Download button and click it.
  • You will be navigated to the free and paid versions. Click on the Download button.
  • If you’re utilizing Google Chrome, then click on the down-pointing arrow.
  • After the conclusion of download, double-click the downloaded exe file. A wizard will appear
  • Click Next to begin the installation.
  • Within another window, select the options you would like to put in and then click Next.
  • In another window, there’s an alternative to installing the CCleaner from Google Chrome toolbar check the checkbox for setup or leave it unchecked if you don’t want.
  • Click Install.
Ccleaner Latest Version

Features of Ccleaner Filehippo

There are lots of features due to that CCleaner is now popular. A number of these features are discussed here.

  • Deletes temporary files

The software deletes temporary file and those files that take a lot of disk space. The freeing up of the disc improves performance of the computer.

  • Cleaning the computer

The default settings of the tool clean up the PC as much as possible however for technology-savvy individuals many other innovative options are available.

  • Application tab

The application tab at the free version provides that the information concerning the tabs which will be cleaned. The professional version has theres some other apps that clean the temporary files in addition to the logs from the pc. The application provides the information about the cookies and temporary files which have been deleted.

  • Registry Cleaner

The registry cleaner cleans all the trouble in the registry. Before clearing, it also offers the reason for deleting specific registry entries. In the event the user does not wish to delete an entry, he could deselect it. Another feature of the registry cleaner is that it backs up all of the registry entry so that if any problem happens after the deletion, the user can restore the previous settings through the backup. If the disc is full, then freeing up area might help increase performance, however, running CCleaner daily does not give you massive performance gains. Actually, oftentimes, this may even slow down things.

Ccleaner For Windows 7,8 And 10 For Both 32 And 64 Bit
  • Software Management

The CCleaner also offers applications uninstaller and user may uninstall the fresh application one by one. The tool does not have the characteristic of uninstalling all of the unused ones concurrently. The one thing a user must do is pick the program in the listing offered by the program, and that application will be uninstalled.

  • Startup Manager

The startup manager accomplishes the context menu of Windows. This is beneficial as there are a few programs, which are not often used but are extended in the menu.

  • Plugin Manager

The plugin manager can help to remove any unwanted plugin that might cause a browser to behave in a strange way.

  • Drive Wiper

The drive wiper can help to remove the traces of deleted files in the driveway. If these traces remain, then the files may be restored.

  • Scan schedule

Users may schedule scan so the computer could be scanned at regular period. The user can set the schedule that when the OS starts, the software should begin scanning the computer.

  • Automatic close

When software completes its task, it shuts down automatically and so consumer can do his job while the program is doing its own work.

  • Automatic updates

This attribute is available only with the professional version of the application rather than the free version. If an upgrade of the software comes, the software pops up for the update, which can be downloaded from the background.

System Requirments of Ccleaner Filehippo

  • Operating System : Windows/Mac/Android
  • Ram : 1GB Minimum
  • Hard Disk Space : 600MB Space.

Ccleaner For Mac

CCleaner for Mac is an effective, little utility for PCs running Mac OS X which eliminates the’crap’ that collects over time, broken system permissions, temporary files and other issues.It safeguards your privacy in addition to cleans your temporary Internet files in addition to browsing history.

Ccleaner For Android

CCleaner Android is a mobile application that’s intended to enhance the device’s functionality and keep storage space by eliminating insignificant programs, files, media as well as app data. It removes these items by deleting them in your device or moving to account of cloud storage.

How to Download As Well As Install This App?

  • Firstly, you need to start Google Play Store in the application screen on the android device and you then can search for CCleaner.
  • Currently, you can start the webpage of CCleaner.
  • Then you need to tap Install, then choose Accept.
  • After completion of setup process, tap Open to start utilizing the CCleaner Android app.

Now, this app is installed & ready to use. If you’d like additional functions in addition to features, you need to update to CCleaner Android Pro.

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