Build Your Computer System Administrator Career with Microsoft MCSA Certifications

Build Your Computer System Administrator Career with Microsoft MCSA Certifications

Computer System Administrator Career with Microsoft

Microsoft Corporation is a respected organization in the Information Technology (IT) industry. The world recognizes Microsoft because of its amazing products such as Windows OS, Azure, Microsoft Office 365, Skype, etc. Along with that, Microsoft also offers IT certifications that validate the skills and knowledge of IT professionals. Basically, the structure of Microsoft credentials is based on three distinct levels:

  1. Fundamental Level – this level is recommended for candidates who are new to the technology industry. It represents the basics of technological understanding and foundation.
  2. Associate Level – it is perfect for the professional who has at least 2 years in the technology industry. It authenticates your advanced understanding of technology.
  3. Expert Level – this is the highest achievable level in the Microsoft certification. It is designed for professionals who want to validate their multifaceted technical prowess. The credentials of this level are for those who would like to advance their skills.

This year Microsoft has introduced new role-based credentials to the world, which means that the candidate’s skills are in the center. The previous certifications which are still can be obtained (MTA, MCSA, MCSE, and MCSD) are mainly focused on the knowledge of the product. Still, this article is devoted to the MCSA Windows Server 2016 certification and one of the three exams that you need to pass in order to get it.

So, the MCSA Windows Server 2016 credential is designed for those candidates who would like to build a career of a computer network specialist or a network systems administrator. To gain it, you have to pass three exams:

Microsoft Certifications

Exam1: 98-365 MTA Certification

Exam2: 70-740

Exam3: 70-741

Exam4: 70-743

Exam5: 70-744

Upon getting the MCSA Windows Server 2016 certification, you can broaden your knowledge base with the MCSE Core Infrastructure credential by passing only one related exam. Since this article covers the 70-412 exam and all you need to know about it, let’s now dive into it.

Microsoft 70-412 Exam Description

70-412 is the third exam and the last of that you need to pass in order to gain the MCSA Windows Server 2016 certification. It assesses the candidate’s knowledge and skills in the administration of Windows Server 2016 in an enterprise setup. The exam validates your ability to manage, deploy and maintain advanced Windows Server 2016 infrastructure. Below you’ll find the key topics for Microsoft 70-412 exam:

  • High Availability Management and Configuration
  • Network Services Configurations
  • Configuring Information and Access Protection Solutions
  • Implementing Business Continuity and Disaster Recovery
  • Configuring Storage and File Solutions
  • Active Directory Infrastructure Configuration

As for the exam format, it contains 40-60 multiple-choice questions which are done within the timeframe of 120 minutes. 70-412 exam will cost you $165. Note, that the number of exam questions and their types will be known only at the exam.

Since the Microsoft 70-412 exam focuses on the advanced concepts of the Windows Server 2016 environment, you need to possess the ultimate skills and competency to build your system administrator career or any other career that deals with Windows Server 2016 environment.

Perhaps, you’ve heard that Microsoft questions are tricky, and below, you’ll get the tips on how to pass it on your first trial. This is how I prepared for Microsoft 70-412 test to build a career of a computer systems administrator.

Career with Microsoft MCSA Certifications

        1. Use exam objectives as a guide

Microsoft 70-412 exam objectives act as a tool that highlights the areas on which you should focus during your preparation. It is prudent to make the objectives as a guide because once you have met all the objectives in your preparation, then you’ve covered all the exam topics of Microsoft 70-412 exam.


The perfect option for getting conversant with 70-412 exam topics is by taking time to train and learn every concept. The best training material you can find on the Microsoft official website and enhance your preparation by visiting PrepAway online platform that offers a wide collection of video courses for 70-412 exam and other tests as well. They are led by qualified instructors and will be helpful for your preparation.

    3. Take part in the lab-sessions

There is no gain of following the motions of the instructor in the video without practicing it yourself. First, set your own lab and start implementing every concept you have learned. The Microsoft 70-412 exam tests your in-depth understanding of Windows Server 2016 configuration and administration. Therefore, you need to practice every concept until you gain a profound understanding.

    4.Practice exam

After learning several concepts related to the Microsoft 70-412 exam, it is time to assess your knowledge and determine whether you have gained enough skills to pass the exam at your first attempt. Once you’ve learned any topic, the right thing to do is to get back to the training material and practice it. As a result, you will manage to identify the sections which you need to study one more time, as they may cause you problems in the exam.

    5.ETE Exam Simulator

You will always want a technique that will make your preparation easier and faster especially during the 11th hour, isn’t? The ETE Exam Simulator makes your preparation efficient and interactive. It is a perfect tool to ease your prep because it grants you an opportunity to

practice questions as if you are in the real exam. Besides, you can also analyze your performance by tracking your results every time you’ve completed the 70-412 test.

In a nutshell

Microsoft certifications are recognized by many companies in the world. Passing 70-412 exam opens you a number of opportunities you can gain with the MCSA Windows Server credential. Thus, for example, you will have a chance to work remotely for companies overseas, choose the organization you’d like to work for, get a better salary. With the preparation tips listed above, you’ll definitely pass the 70-412 test and enjoy the benefits that the professional life will bring you. All the best!





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