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Training a dog can be as exciting as learning a new game when visiting but at the same time it can also get tricky at times. A suitable dog training software would be able to guide you about how to go for it in steps. It can teach you thing like:

The Best Ways To Stop Dog Barking 

A dog that is considered as a chronic barker is something very annoying. No matter what the reasons why a dog barks, it is really a nuisance to have dogs which are chronic barkers. But before learning the best ways to stop dog barking, it is very important to learn first the reasons why dogs bark.

Your dog tends to bark die to the following reasons:

  • Dogs usually bark to attract or catch the attention of their owners
  • Dogs usually bark because they want to notify their masters of the strangers coming to their territory
  • Dogs usually bark due to unusual situations or events
  • Dogs usually bark because they want to defend their property or their maters

If you are a dog lover, you may not want to consider your barking dog a sort of annoyance especially when the reasons of the dog to bark is to catch your attention due to certain dangers or unlikely situations. Below are some helpful, effective, and kind ways for you to stop dog barking:

If a stranger gets in your house and your dog barks, allow it to bark once or twice only then say “stop” or “enough”. Praise the dog and give him a toy or something to chew

  • If the dog won’t stop barking after you have given him toys and chew items, you may treat them with food. Don’t forget to praise the dog as soon as they stopped barking
  • Spend some time with your dog; play with it most especially in times when it is quiet
  • A squirt or spray bottle containing tap water can also be used to stop dogs from barking but you can only make use of this one of other ways that are not effective.

The software also advises you to always praise your dog once it stops barking as this will be instilled in its mind that he usually gets praised whenever he stops barking at your specific command.

 Simple Ways To Prevent Puppy Chewing 

You have planned to buy yourself a puppy last month and you were so happy being with that furry friend of yours. However, you have become troubled because of your puppy’s chewing. Your puppy loves chewing whatever he sees in your house and one he chewed your purse and you need to bring him to the veterinary clinic for a surgery to remove something which he swallowed. This has cost you with so much trouble, indeed and you are thinking of ways on how you will be able to stop your puppy from chewing items he needs not to.

The first thing that you need to determine is the health of your health, make sure that he is not suffering from a condition called Pica which usually causes a puppy to choose whatever things he sees. But if you are sure that he does not have Pica then you have to learn the next method.

The second way is your acceptance regarding chewing as a natural instinct of animals particularly in the field of exploration. Chewing is perhaps one of the dog’s ways to explore and learn everything around them. With this regard, it will be best to teach them to determine which item is acceptable and which ones are not.

In training your puppy or dog, you have to make sure that you are using the right method to make your dog understand the words acceptable and unacceptable. You can actually simplify this method by simply using short and easy to recognized words. For example, you can make use of the word “no” for the unacceptable things and “yes” for the acceptable ones. Do these methods repeatedly until such time that your dog is already able to distinguish the ideas which you want to convey to him. Never forget to praise your puppy or dog each time he recognizes your words.

Ways to Stop Puppy Digging

Puppy digging is the annoying habit of little dogs dig hungrily and intensely excavating the ground. This practice can be accounted for as one inherent behavior for hoarding food or for finding something. If a puppy comes from a hunting breed, it is most likely to adopt the innate hunting skills of its predecessors. Some puppies do it out of boredom or when they are running after a rodent who goes deep in the ground. Some puppies dig to release some intense anger or emotional outburst and they find the habit calming. Some dig for the sole purpose of finding a cooler place to lie down and be physically relaxed. Digging is in a way a comforting habit for the dog.

If you are looking for ways to make your puppies stop digging holes, the first thing that you should do is to see to it that the daily needs of your puppy are catered to. You have to create a safe haven for your puppies to make them more at home, comforted and confident. Devise activities for your dogs to keep their paws busy. Some dog owners find it helpful even to bury dog poop in the holes the puppy managed to excavate in the garden. After finding out the smell of his poop in it, you will notice that your puppy will no longer scour that area. You can increase the security of your garden by adding mulches or chicken wired to stop them from entering your precious garden.

Lastly and the most effective, provide a dog space. Get or make a sandbox of his own where you can tuck away his bones and let him search for it if he tries to dig in some other areas, train him by issuing an authoritative command that will make him stop and bring him back to his own space. The puppy will grow to learn this trick and you will save yourself from worrying about holes in your garden later on.


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