Download Puffin Web Browser Latest Version

Download Puffin Web Browser Latest Version

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An internet browser is just a tool which can be employed by the users to browse the internet in an easy way and so they could undoubtedly get what they need. Now, most people today utilize the world wide web to hunt for entertainment or information. There are tens of thousands of websites on the internet that have different articles, so everyone will find something on the internet. Using a browser like Puffin web browser, they will locate the content and at precisely the exact same time put it to use to store or read something on the site. When there isn’t any browser, they won’t be able to stop by the site.

It was released this year and uses encrypted cloud servers for its processing, which improves webpage loading rate and data encryption while at the same time reducing bandwidth image. Furthermore, considering that the web data utilized by the Puffin Browser is stored at the cloud, whereby user data remains safe from hackers and is, therefore, a suitable browser to utilize unsecured people Wi-Fi programs. you can scan with Smadav 2019.

Puffin Browser also comes with a Lite and a Pro version. Puffin added ad block features to the Pro version that does not exist from the lite version.

Puffin Web Browser Features

This browser is not as popular as the other browsers. At a glimpse, the browser looks less good outside, however, if the consumer tries once it’s going to a game changer. People might prefer to use Puffin than several other internet explorers. They’ll become hooked on the features it provides. Additionally, Puffin has a distinctive feature which you can find only on Puffin. Following are a few of the advantages you can receive if you are using Puffin.

  • A very fast website

Puffin claims itself 50% faster than other browsers and this is absolutely true. This feature is much better than its rival. Puffin browser is quickly todo navigating, and it can be 8 times faster. Visiting the website by using Puffin is like use server cloud too.

  • Download files on cloud storage

The next benefit is the fantastic feature. Users may redirect the downloading procedure to be kept on cloud storage such as Google Drive and Dropbox. Hence, the customers may re-download the document from cloud storage faster without the speed limit. This is indeed amazing!

  • Internal flash plugin

Puffin web browser includes an internal flash plugin. This feature can be found on this browser. There is not any requirement to reinstall Adobe Flash applications so that any flash material onto your site can be shown. Additionally, it features a fantastic excellent flash. It’s possible to store your data by using internet flash plugin.

puffin web browser for windows 7 64 bit

  • Various theme and wallpapers

If you really don’t enjoy the standard design you will get in other browsers, Puffin extends to you differently. Although it’s easy and not overly showy appearance, the consumer may change the colors, subject, and background of this web browser. This is going to produce an individual not feel bored while using this particular browser.

  • Visiting the website with desktop version easily

Puffin is very good for that smartphone but how about the desktop model? It turns out that Puffin additionally includes an interface when the consumer wishes to go to a website in a desktop computer version. When they want to view a web site in a desktop variant by using their smartphone, Puffin will, however, change the screen so that it will allow the users view that the web site enjoys in PC.

  • Network diagnostic feature

The last advantage of Puffin web browser is it has media diagnostic feature. It usually means that if users experience a connection problem, Puffin will perform diagnostics like displaying responses from HTTP, HTTPS along with others and also the browser may reconnect to your Puffin server.

Puffin Web Browser System Requirements

  • Software Name: Puffin Web Browser
  • License: Free
  • OS: Android 4.2.1
  • System:   Also Available For ios iPhone
  • Downloads:  179k
  • Language:  English
  • Version:  Free
  • Developer:  CloudMosa Inc.
  • User Rating: 8/10 (41 votes)


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