Why Your Institution Should Embrace Epravesh Campus Management Software

Why Your Institution Should Embrace Epravesh Campus Management Software

Embrace Epravesh Campus Management Software

Epravesh campus management software is considered as the best in its segment for fees collection and online admission. With the advancement of technology, almost every department is on the path towards automation. This campus management software has created a niche for itself against the traditional methods of admission, which were totally paper-based. Epravesh campus management software login has made this entire process of admission paperless and efficient.

This portal has process and domain knowledge of crucial processes such as admission, examination, and results. It is suitable for setting up an online admission platform, fee collection, and digitalized admission. It also offers some of the more important features such as seat allocation, digital fee collection, management of the entrance exam, generating the merit list, and managing admission documents.

Epravesh campus management software helps to establish a connection between the campus and the students. It provides a mode of communication over SMS and emails to the students. By deploying Epravesh campus management software, the management staff can lower the burden of responsibilities from their shoulders.

Next, the portal encourages the online admission process and provides a safe platform for the payment of fees by integrating a payment gateway. It is also embedded with a payment management system, which helps manage the overall revenue generated by collecting fees and fines.

Epravesh management software is suitable for all types of educational institutes, whether small, medium or large. The user does not require any specific training. It can easily integrate with the existing system utilized by the institution, and the interface is also user-friendly.

Why Your Institution Should Embrace Epravesh Campus Management software?

Epravesh effectively improves the process of managing the campus and uplifts the caliber of academic operations to an optimal level. Ultimately, it will all lead to the success of students and colleagues at the same time. It has become important for colleges and universities to introduce such software to deal with upcoming challenges in the education sector. Following are the benefits of using Epravesh Campus Management Software:

1) Reduction in Paper Work

During and after the admission, there is tons of paperwork to handle. Admission of students is a challenge in itself. Further, there’s the onerous responsibility of checking the certificates, mark lists, and other such relevant student documents.

In this case, Epravesh campus management software can go a long way in reducing the burden of paperwork. With Epravesh, college administrators can retrieve all the data related to students whenever required and from any location. This is because the entire data of students is just one click away. Now, compare this to the level of efforts needed to sift through layers and layers of paper.

2) Online Payment

Epravesh offers an online payment mode for the submission of fees by students. It is integrated with the leading payment gateways for this purpose. This will help students to avoid fines which are usually levied on the late submission of fees. It will also help the students pay their fees from their home. The old and slow mechanism where students need to come to the college campus and stand in rows to pay fees becomes a thing of the past.

3) College Examination Module

Now, this is the most important feature of the Epravesh campus management software. It allows the college staff to conduct a safe and secure examination. Students can also check their result on this online portal. Epravesh comprises of all the important pre-examination procedures such as roll list generation, paper setting, hall list generation, exam timetable, course wise attendance sheet.

But, there is more. The role of the portal doesn’t end here. It also offers important post-examination procedures such as exam report revaluation, topper list, result analysis, and grade allotment. In short, Epravesh campus management software is a department in itself, especially when it comes to handling each and every aspect of the examination. Call it software with an examination division!

4) Student Inquiry Management

This feature allows the campus administrator to choose the right candidate without investing a huge amount of time and effort during the student enrollment procedure. It helps manage and sort out the right leads during the admission season.

The software will help the management staff to focus on the right and authentic candidates during the admission. Furthermore, after the admission of the candidate is complete, Epravesh will allow the staff to securely save all the formal entries delivered by the student. When there are hundreds and thousands of students seeking admission to your esteemed organization, it becomes extremely difficult for the staff to maintain data integrity.

5) Security

Epravesh campus management software is totally secure to use. There is no chance of any kind of data breach. Students can easily access the information and particulars regarding their course and examination. They can upload their documents and assignments on the Epravesh portal.

That apart, the college staff can also perform all their duties safely and securely. The teachers can upload or share any crucial information on the portal and can also connect to the parents with the specific ID.

Then again, college staff can also issue notifications and warnings to students on a whole range of issues, such as submission of late fee, short attendance, or any other such important matters via text or Email. This feature is fast, safe and secure as there is no chance of misplacement of any message or notice which the staff wants to deliver the student.


In an age marked by the increased use of technology, there is no pretext for your institution to stick to the old and slow way of doing things. Besides, the use of Epravesh will go a long way in upgrading the reputation of your school or college – because it automates and streamlines all operations, thereby improving precision and minimizing errors.


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