Epic Privacy Browser Download Free Full Version

Epic Privacy Browser Download Free Full Version

Epic Privacy Browser Download Free Full Version

Security is a considerable problem, and your privacy is a big part of it. There’s plenty of methods that you can ensure that your privacy remains behind closed doors whilst browsing the net. For example, you might delete your desktop after each browsing session, or use your browser’s individual browsing mode. Adding a Don’t Track plugin may also be helpful, along with hiding your IP address by going with a proxy.


Epic Privacy Browser Download Free


Epic Privacy Browser was created particularly with privacy in mind. It has been assembled on the Chromium system and does not maintain background, but does not permit plug-ins plus it blocks third-party cookies. It has an integrated proxy to hide your IP address also.

Key Features include Epic Privacy Browser

  • Immediate Proxy.
  • Secure Search.
  • Don’t Track.
  • Cookie Blocker.
  • The program contains some cool ‘under the hood’ security characteristics too. Epic Privacy Browser cubes fingerprinting scripts and functions like image canvas info accessing in Order to shield you from becoming monitored.Get more also Disconnect Download Free

Epic Privacy Browser is fast, simple and exceptionally secure. It has some wonderful security attributes as regular. Generally, Epic Privacy Browser ensures procuring your solitude is not achievable, it is the default alternative. With tools such as busy Don’t Track, along with an integrated Web proxy, this browser centers on security and privacy to ensure you privacy remains intact.

System Requirement Epic Privacy Browser 62.0.3202.94

  • Filename: EpicSetup.exe
  • Document size: 1.75MB
  • Requirements: Windows (All Versions)
  • Languages: Multiple languages
  • License: Freeware
  • Writer: Hidden Reflex




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