Filehippo Bitdefender Antivirus Free Download

Filehippo Bitdefender Antivirus Free Download

Filehippo Bitdefender Antivirus Free Download

Bitdefender is security software, which the consumers can employ to protect their systems. The application is supported by multiple operating systems, which includes Windows, Mac OS, Android, and also i-OS. There’s not any influence on the battery and performance of the phone if the program is installed in it.


The program includes lots of features, that your users may use to safeguard their systems. There are free and paid versions of this software readily available in the current market, which people are able to purchase depending on their requirement. Here are some features, that can be seen either in most or some of the versions of this software.


The software is very powerful in detecting malware from the computer system. Following installation, it assesses the system continues to find if the system is suffering from any danger. The business also supplies updates almost daily, which the users should install to protect the devices from new and current threats. Even the free version also gets updated so users need not worry if they are using the free version as it is also effective in removing risks from the system. You May Also Like Avast Antivirus


This is a good feature as the pc is checked to see whether the files are acting normally or they are malware. This scan protects the machine from several kinds of attacks. There are a few files, which users do not wish to delete. In such a scenario, users can utilize Bitdefender’s Safe File electronic vault and internet security subscription. Users have to provide permission to remove those files in the vault.


Users need to connect external components for their computers like USB drives, external hard disks, etc.. It’s much better to check them for viruses especially if earlier they were connected to the pc of different users. The software scans the external hardware to check whether they’re safe or contain any danger. The software starts checking it automatically. Users also have the choice to manually begin the check.

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Users are always worried about privacy while they surf the web and they’re able to find the tools in the software. Among the characteristics is blocking the webcam since hackers Can hack on the identity with the Assistance of the camera. You May Check Filehippo Malware Cleaner


The scanning tools of this software may protect the systems from all sorts of risks whether are viruses, Trojans, malware, spyware, ransomware, etc.. The malware hides within the safe files but the software has the capacity to discover and eliminate it. Many Mac users have whined that the software is ni9t effective in locating malware.

The software has the ability to create a list of known malware and viruses and if it finds some, it removes them from the system to make it clean. The software performance wonderfully ion removing all kinds of dangers and there is not any effect in the functioning of the system so users can continue their work while the software is scanning for viruses and other dangers.


It’s a tool, which helps the consumers to create payment safely when they’re shopping. Online shopping has now become the current trend among the users and they make purchases and do payment online. The SafePay browser aids the users to see the bank websites and shopping sites securely. The application gives a digital computer keyboard once the user needs to login to the bank accounts or the shopping website account. This will protect the consumers from keylogger, and it will be a malware, which the hackers use to detect the keys, which are being pressed while entering the credentials. The browser also protects the users from getting harmful sites essentially those that don’t start with HTTPS.


Users see many websites daily and in certain, they also need to enter their credentials to see the account. It may be emailed, social networking website, banking site, shopping site, etc.. To be able to try to remember these credentials, they will need to be aware each of them in a paper or on the computer so that they can use them as and when needed. The antivirus software provides a tool named Password Manager in which they may store their credentials. It’s a good choice in case they have to make payment because when banking or shopping site is opened, then the manager pops up the credentials, which the users can click and login into the account. Users also have the option of using a master password for the password manager so that all the information are secured and nobody can access it.

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An autopilot is a tool, which can be found only in a few antivirus software and Bitdefender has this tool, which scans the computer to check its performance. The users have the solution to add safe software in its White List and this aids the tool to work quicker.


The quick risk checker can be used for assessing the machine quickly in the event the user does not have sufficient time to carry out a full scan. The checking can be performed at a super-fast rate and in under a moment.


Hackers also use a webcam to steal the identity if an individual but Bitdefender has the solution of blocking the webcam so that hackers cannot get it and it can do this via webcam filter.


The software needs the following system requirement to get installed.

  • Running System: Windows 7 using service pack 1, Windows 8, Windows 8.1, and Windows 10
  • Processor: Your chip should be 1.6 GHz dual-core.
  • Hard Disk Space: The disk space required to install the software ought to be a minimum of 2 GB.
  • Browser: Internet Explorer 10or any other browser such as Google Chrome


Bitdefender antivirus software offers protection to the devices supporting any operating system. The software is quite potent and shields the programs from all types of threats. Even the free version is quite powerful and the business provides updates for this also.

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