Freelancing Tips for Entry level web designer 

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Who doesn’t like to become an independent web designer? Nobody Right! Of course we all love to work freely however at the same time we know that It is not easy to find the project on UPwork, Elance,Guru or any freelancing website. Getting your first web design project is tuff task no matter how skillful you are. But if you walk on the right direction and follow few tips than Sooner or later you can definitely make money so in this post we give you guidance how you can use these freelancing tips to get started in this highly competitive free-lancing world.

Don’t just Jump into making profile without LOGO

As a web designer you need an attractive Logo to create profile on any free lancing website. Remember the first impression of yours can make a great impression on buyer.  If you think at initial stage you don’t require Logo or you can use any readymade logo available on Google or use your own photo as profile Pick seriously you are going completely in wrong direction.  Web design is all about presentation and the presentation starts from the first step so Designs your own logos and make sure do not use same logo for every profile you create on different free lancing websites.

Set hours to find project

This is the most difficult thing to do for any new freelancer because in office work you are automatically works for fixed hours at office but when you are working independently, you can’t control your mind to work continuously for 5 hours. Keep in Mind that Making attractive presentation or fewer prices couldn’t give you assurance to get your first project online. Yeah it does impact on viewer’s Mind and a Client may leave offline massage or drop email but the important thing is how fast you can revert back to it. That’s why it is important for any new web designer to set fix hours so he/she can reply speedily and also communicate directly with Client.

Decide workplace

Work from Home is a word that excites many people, also people also start imagine like I can work from kitchen! Set in gallery with my laptop enjoying morning sun rays! Lying on bed! or Watching your favorite football Game.  This is not going to work when you are searching for first web design project.  It requires full concentration and hard work to grab the first one , once you become an experienced  freelancer than you can imagine all above things but  For now set the table in you study room and search hard on all website until you get the first one.

Find target audience

Before making your first Gig on Fiverr, An Investigation is the best thing to do so you can discover objective market and focus on It.   It is not just you make too many gigs and target many areas of web designing at start up level.  Be smart and selective and Make a gigs or advertisement where you feel it is less competitive and you also can complete the project easily. You can’t just get 500$ in first project so stay in limit and focus only on small project even if you are capable of handling Big project.

Say No

You may some client who is offering works that you feel that you are not capable of complete it because of given time limit or lake of skill. Don’t think too much, without hesitation politely say no and Go ahead. Obviously! You don’t want to see the first negative comment. Right! So only say yes when you are confident  and ready to finish that particular web designing task within time limit otherwise Leave It.

Well dressed

 Even if you are not attending any company, you should be well dressed when you are searching for your first project because you never know when you get a video call from client on skype or Google duo. You can’t avoid because you don’t want to miss the chance so wear just professional clothes  and Impress client while talking on live video

Good communication skill

Many clients communicate in English, so the moderate level of English is must for any web designer so He/she can chat or talk effectively with client.

Closed the door and Turn off Phone

Many people think that All Freelancers are ready to pick up phone calls or come with them at any time because they are free. Unwanted phone calls or closed friends can easily distract you so during working hours always turn off your phone and closed the door.

We know that by following above tips any new web designer can get the first project very soon.

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