How to Use IGTV for Marketers

How to Use IGTV for Marketers 

IGTV for Marketers

Instagram stories, Instagram posts, and IGTV are three areas of Instagram to reach a vast audience. Instagram is the best platform that truly navigates to its users. It has engaged millions of users by providing numerous videos or static content. On Instagram, you can use Instagram stories to put short videos there and convey your message to the Audience. It has another app i-e IGTV; it is a solution to those who have long videos for sending their messages. It is an excellent opportunity for marketers to advertise their products here.

IGTV is now common among users, so it is challenging for marketers to use it. This article will tell you how, as a marketer, you can use IGTV to boost up your sales.

  • Connect IGTV To Instagram Stories To Address Huge Audience:

IGTV and Instagram stories both are integrated into one app; that’s why Instagram stories are an effective way to promote IGTV videos. SMM panel, Marketers can deliver their messages and offerings to the audience via Instagram stories and connect IGTV for full-length videos. Followers frequently watch Instagram stories, and they will also quickly get IGTV videos. You cannot add long videos on Instagram stories in one go. A long video i-e of 45 s, it split up into 2 or 3 separate Instagram stories. You can connect IGTV by adding a swipe up feature for full-length video.

  • Use Instagram Live and Connect IGTV to it to Attract Audience:

Instagram Live is also a helpful tool to promote IGTV. The content on Instagram Lives is unscripted and very spontaneous. In Instagram Live, you cannot imagine what is going to be next, and within a few seconds, you have to cover the situation. It is a highly attractive format to address the Audience.

Instagram live allows broadcasters to add people within the conversation by staying on camera. It gives interesting results. Marketers use it to get full advantage of Instagram. They use Instagram live and expand it to IGTV for the full video.

Marketers can see the massive potential on Instagram, and users are actively using Instagram live. Therefore it is highly favorable for marketers to be there.

  • Feature Influencers or Loyal Customers in IGTV Videos to Grab Audience Attention:

You can add influencers in your videos or add success stories of your customers who used your products. It will have a tremendous influencing effect on customers. As a marketer, you have a great chance to feature your loyal customers in the video and promote them on IGTV; you will find remarkable marketing results there.

  • Use IGTV To Test It Out:

The content you share on Instagram stories is temporary. If you want to keep your content in the viewer’s minds, then use IGTV. The material on IGTV will remain for a longer time. As a marketer, it will benefit you that maximum people can watch your video, and it enhances the likelihood of purchasing. You can test the worth and values of your brand via IGTV video that how much time people spend there. You can also check that whether short length videos are beneficial for your brand recognition or long length videos to give productive results.

There is an excellent opportunity for marketers to hold customers; attention for a more extended period by using length videos via IGTV. You can creatively design videos and upload them to IGTV and give highlight your brand there.


There is a considerable population who prefer to watch a video instead of reading. They watch videos for learning something or for entertainment. Marketers should understand the power of Instagram and videos. They incredibly increase the revenue by advertising their videos on Instagram.

IGTV is a platform that gives endless possibilities for marketers to advertise their products here. Marketers use it by connecting it with Instagram Stories and Instagram Live. By using the Instagram business account, you can check insights of IGTV and can convert your viewers to followers and customers.

Marketers use IGTV videos to engage with the audience directly. This increases the viewer’s engagement rate on the content. When marketers directly talk to customers, they take quick responses from them, give product details to the interested audiences, and respond to their questions. It is a great way to know about the audience’s interests and preferences, which is very important for the marketer.


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