How to Optimize Your Internet Connection for a Better Gaming Experience

How to Optimize Your Internet Connection for a Better Gaming Experience

Internet Connection for a Better Gaming Experience

Playing games online is always a wonderful feeling. You can play with several other players and push yourself to compete in the best possible manner. However, most of the latest games are graphics-heavy and this means that they need a fast internet connection. If you do not have the same, you might suffer from lags and this may end up ruining the gaming experience. This is why you should download games from platforms and then play them in an offline setting. To know about websites from where you can download games for free, click on

With the development of online gaming, it’s become clear that having a reliable Internet connection is essential to have a pleasant gaming experience. However, because high-speed Internet is not available in every corner of the world, not every player can enjoy multiplayer online games to their full potential. ExitLag is useful in this situation.

If you aren’t familiar with this top service, you’ll have the opportunity to learn more about it later in this article.

What’s ExitLag?

ExitLag is marketed as an online gaming virtual private network (VPN). Its primary goal is to improve the stability of your Internet connection by lowering “ping” or latency (measured in milliseconds). This is accomplished by the software’s ability to connect to game servers via your own routes and servers. This will improve the route used by your Internet Service Provider (ISP). ExitLag is currently only available for Windows, and its monthly subscription costs $ 6.50.

Why use this tool? ExitLag may appear to be a useful function, but should you use it when playing online games? Let’s look at some of its most notable aspects.

Reducing Packet Loss and Jamming

ExitLag calculates and delivers data packets through the most efficient path by mapping multiple routes to your game’s server. If a route becomes too busy, the service can guarantee that it will move to a less congested one right away thanks to its “Multipath Connection” technology. The data sent through these better routes has a short latency and minimal packet loss. This implies that games should be loaded and updated as near to real-time as feasible on your end.

In summary, players who live in areas with poor Internet connectivity should experience ExitLag the most, compared to online gamers who live in areas with good Internet infrastructure. Players with high-speed Internet connections, on the other hand, may experience delays when attempting to connect to game servers that are located far away.

Improvements in Frames per Second (FPS) and Gameplay Fluidity

ExitLag also has a feature known as “FPS Boost”. Its purpose is to boost your FPS in order to make the game look smoother. FPS is equally as vital in gaming as having a solid Internet connection. It’s preferable if they’re both at their finest so you can enjoy or at least have a fair advantage in competitive games.

To activate the FPS Boost function, follow these steps:

  • In ExitLag, go to the “Tools” option in the top menu.
  • Switch choices on the “FPS Boost” section based on your preferences. If you’re not sure what these options represent, hover your cursor over the question mark symbol to the right to see a brief definition.

Furthermore, ExitLag claims to have access to a global network of Internet servers spanning multiple countries, allowing it to optimize the majority of connections between users and gaming servers.

How to Get the Most Out of ExitLag Tools While Playing Games Online?

Before you begin, double-check if ExitLag is compatible with your games. Look for your game on this page: and see if you can use ExitLag with it. If it’s on the list, move on to the next stage of the process:

  • ExitLag can be downloaded and installed from the official website, and an account can be created. Because this is a premium service, you can try it out for three days to see if it’s worth it. After the trial period finishes, you can uninstall the software.
  • Log in with your account after the installation and reboot.
  • On the first query, select “Yes”.
  • Click on the online game you want to utilize with ExitLag, such as Valorant (very popular eSports, as well as very popular for betting at Serbian bookmakers and many other).
  • We recommend selecting “Automatic (recommended)” from the “Game Region” drop-down option on the right side of the screen to allow the software to choose the optimal server for your connection.
  • If you choose “Automatic (recommended)”, go to the bottom of the application interface and click the red “Apply Routes” button.
  • If you’ve chosen a specific server location, the next step is to analyze the routes for that server by clicking “Optimize”.
  • When the optimization is finished, click “Update” to get the most up-to-date information on the server you selected. After the upgrade, the “Estimated Ping” may change.
  • Click “Apply Routes” when you’re happy with the anticipated ping or latency from the selected routes.
  • When you connect successfully, the “Connected” list below your game should show your specified or automatically picked server.
  • Connect to the same server listed on ExitLag within your game to benefit from lower latency and ping on that server. You should go to the “Play” option at the very top of our Valorant game.
  • In the upper right corner of the player card, click the three green horizontal bars.
  • Then queue in the same region that ExitLag is connected to.
  • Select different servers from the drop-down menu and click “Apply Routes” to try them out. Make sure the server displayed on ExitLag is the same as the one where you’re waiting in line in your game.

Free Alternative to the ExitLag Tool: PingEnhancer

To help reduce server latency, the frequency of TCP packets transmitted to gaming servers is increased owing to this tiny Windows-based software called PingEnhancer. This application is free to use and works with all types of online games.

PingEnhancer is available for download at

Is It Necessary to Start the Game Before Running the ExitLag Tool?

It’s not the case. No matter whether you run the software before or after the game, it will still work.

However, you must first enable ExitLag by clicking the switch in the upper left corner of the screen. While playing, you can even make a transition between servers to ExitLag. You may see how the server swings if you keep track of your packet loss and in-game ping, which are common indications in online games.

Will the Ongoing Game Get Stuck if Using ExitLag Is Stopped?

Yes, especially if the software connects you automatically or you opt to connect to a server that is far away from your current location. Turn off ExitLag or switch to a different server to get rid of the lag. It’s best to play on the servers that are nearest to you, as this ensures the best connection.

Your Internet connection may not be the cause of the game delay in some circumstances. Instead, it’s possible that your computer’s components aren’t powerful enough to run the game you’re trying to play. The remedy is to alter the software settings of your computer’s graphics card and lower the video settings of your in-game game.


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