Lead the World with PMI PMP Certification

Lead the World with PMI PMP Certification – Information, Tips, and Criticality of Exam Dumps

Lead the World with PMI PMP Certification

We all have to gain an edge over others to thrive in this competitive world. Well, if you all want that, then earning the PMP credential is the right thing to do. The PMP or Project Management Professionals badge is one thing that will make your CV stand out and open up a whole new world of opportunities.

This single step can double your salary, open new avenues, and help you jump-up easily on the career ladder. Wondering how it will happen? Read the article.

What is PMP credential?

The PMP Certification Dumps – PrepAway is a project management badge that every professional manager should earn to advance his/her career. Administrated by Project Management Institute, U.S., it has a great reputation across the world.

Prerequisites of PMP

Before you make a move and start thinking to earn the PMP badge, you should have:

  • Four-year bachelor degree along with a minimum of 3 years of project management work experience


  • A secondary degree like a high school diploma along with a minimum of 5 years of project management.


  • 35 hours of project management education from a recognized vendor.

Though becoming PMP certified is not going to be easy, it can result in plenty of benefits. So, let’s talk about them.

Perks of earning the PMP credential

If you are a project management professional, you must have learned that every other contemporary of yours is trying hard to climb up on the corporate ladder. In that case, what extra you should do to get ahead of them? Well, the first thing to do is obtaining the PMP certification.

Having it by your side helps you in numerous ways:

  • Makes your resume valuable

Whether you are a greenhorn or a veteran project management professional, you need something extraordinary to stand out from the crowd.

If you are a beginner in the field, the certbolt PMP credential will help you come into the recruiters’ eyes easily. They know the power of PMP certifications and are aware of the extra bunch of skills that a PMP professional gains. So, they will hire you without giving it a second thought.

  • Reaching out to global opportunities

The PMP badge has global recognition and helps you explore global opportunities that are hard-to-explore, otherwise. This credential makes you eligible for various positions like Project Manager, Project Manager Consultant, PP Manager, and etc.

  • Better salary

Having the PMP certification helps you earn better. If you have this badge, then you are likely to earn better than other contemporaries. According to Payscale.com, the average salary for a PMP professional is $105K while non-certified professional fetches only around $88K. The difference is visible, isn’t it?

Things to do to earn PMP badge

So, by now you are aware of wonders that the PMP badge can get you. It’s time to learn about what all of you have to do to earn such a growth-driven certification. You can obtain this credential by registering yourself for the PMP, study hard to prepare for it, appear for the exam, and succeed in it.

Now let us focus on the PMP exam peculiarities. The structure of this test is multiple-choice based. As the badge has global demand, the test is available in 13 global languages.

The assessment contains 200 questions (25 of them are not scored) that need to be attempted in 4 hours. The questions in the test are likely to evaluate your knowledge in domains like initiating a project, planning strategies, execution of a project, and other related stuff. When it comes to the entry fee of the exam, being a PMI member you’ll have to pay $405 to be eligible for the test, while not having PMI membership will increase your fee up to $555.

Passing the test can be rather challenging, however, with the right kind of resources and assistance, you can crack it easily. What sources and methods can be used to do this, find out below.

How to Prepare for PMP Exam

Here are some of our experts’ tips to clear the PMP test in the first attempt and attain this badge easily.

  • Have the right kind of resources by your side

To do well in any test, you should have the right kind of study material to learn the key concepts easily.

For the PMP text, our top 5 books recommendations are:

  1. A Guide to the Project Management Body of Knowledge (PMBOK® Guide) – It is published by PMI itself.
  2. PMP Exam Prep – Questions, Answers, & Explanations (Author – Christopher Scordo)
  3. PMP Exam Prep book by Master of Project Academy (Author – ResitGulec)
  4. PMP: Project Management Professional Exam Study Guide (Author – Kim Heldman)
  5. PMP Project Management Professional Study Guide (Author – Joseph Phillips)

Out of all these options, the first one is the most preferred as it is published by the credential management body itself. The concepts there are explained in details and almost everything is covered.

  • Practice your learning

All the learning that you gain from reading these books will not be able to help you unless you practice it. As the test is basically scenario-based, the need for constant practice increases twice. The more you will practice, the more you will become aware of diverse scenarios and will be able to secure good grades.

There are various practice tests available online that can help you polish your learning. Apart from honing your learning, you also learn to do time-management in real life.

  • Try exam dumps from Examsnap

Exam dumps are the verified and easiest way to sharpen your skills and get to know the exam pattern way ahead of the actual exam. Examsnap is the ideal online platform to find reliable PMP exam dumps. They are the products available in two options, the paid and the free one. The PMP expert-verified Premium Bundle ($49.99) contains a question-answer set of the previous year’s PMP exams. Apart from that, there are also video lectures and a helpful PMP exam prep study guide. Also, there you can opt for free and updated exam dumps shared by the recent test–takers. To open these items, use the high-end VCE Exam Simulator, with the help of which you can learn in a real-time exam environment.


Seeing all the benefits that the PMP credential lets you explore, calling it essential for every project management professional won’t be erroneous. This badge takes you a step closer to success and global recognition. So, if you are a project management professional willing to excel in your career, then get enrolled for it today.

While you do so, don’t forget to gear up yourself with free and trustworthy exam dumps from Examsnap. They will help you succeed in the PMP test easily and make your dreams of growing your career come true.

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