Tips for Making Social Media Videos

Tips for Making Social Media Videos

Regardless of what your goal is to create video content on social media, there are many things that must be considered so that the content can live.

Maybe you’ve thought that videos that have gone viral in cyberspace are nothing more than luck, but the fact is that there are always patterns that can be learned.

In this article, there are 7 tips that you can try to make your social media video content more interesting and of course it can get closer to your goals or goals .

Without the right pattern and method, the chances of the video content that you create will go viral is very small, this will also lower your enthusiasm to continue creating content later.

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7 Tips for Making Social Media Videos

These tips are actually the basic things that you should already understand when the process content creation.

Well, it is hoped that by following these tips, the content that you create will further anesthetize your target audience. 

Especially if for example the purpose of the content is made for business matters such as product marketing, promotion or for funneling.

So, here are 7 tips:

1. Make sure the purpose of the video

The first thing you have to make sure is what the video content is for.

Is it to bring in views/audience only? Is it to lure other users to follow your account? Or for business purposes such as product promotion?

Why is this important?

Different goals will also have different types of video content that you have to create, the wrong type of content will actually keep you from that goal.

For example, the purpose of video content that is created is to lure other users to follow your account…

Then you can create video content that can direct them to your profile page, for example by making videos that consist of several parts.

So, first determine what your goal is to create content.

2. Pay Attention to Relevance and Value

Relevance and value are two interrelated things, when your video content is relevant to the target audience it will automatically generate value as well.

When you present fishing video content to social media users who like fishing, it means that the video content is relevant and will have value in the eyes of the audience.

So the first thing you have to pay attention to is who the target audience is and think of a video concept that is relevant or in line with their interests.

3. Make sure the video

is easy to understand After finding the purpose and concept of the video that fits the target audience, the next thing is to create easy-to-understand content.

Try to remember…

Surely you’ve watched a video where the content is very unclear, not traced and you yourself are confused about what this video actually is.

Well, videos that are difficult to understand like that will actually have a negative effect on your goals.

So, how do you make videos easy to understand?

  • Use simple and common language.
  • Explain a little about what the purpose of the video is in the early seconds.
  • Use infographics or illustrations if needed.

Apart from the three things above, of course there are many other things.

You can try watching videos that never bore you and try to pick up points that make you never get bored watching them.

4. Create an Interactive Video Interactive

means action and reaction, so try to create a two-way effect in your video with the audience.

This is quite easy to do, depending on the purpose of your video.

For example if you want to lure other users to follow your account…

Then make sure to include a verbal invitation to them to follow your account in the video.

Or if, for example, the video being made is a product promotion video…

Then you can also explain how to purchase the product, or it can also give a curious effect by offering discounts with certain conditions and so on.

The point is to insert something that can provoke the viewer to do something in the video.

5. Ensure Quality Video

Ever heard of the term “Content is King”?

Ultimately, the crux of all the points I discuss in this article will be determined by the quality of the video you upload.

The quality of this video is not only limited to the level of video or sound clarity, but also includes the editing techniques used.

Actually, to make quality videos nowadays is not too difficult, even for those of you who have no editing skills at all.

You can use video editor to edit your videos which is very easy to use.

So there’s no excuse for not being able to make quality videos.

6. Collaborate

If you want your content to reach many users in a short time, collaboration can be the best way.

Of course, with the condition that the person you are collaborating with is a figure who is already widely known to the public, it can be seen from the number of followers on his social media account.

However, usually to be able to invite a public figure to collaborate, of course you have to pay.

So make sure the costs are less than the potential results you want.

7. Following Trends

Creating video content that is in line with current trends is also one way for your content to quickly reach many users.

But of course you have to choose a trend that has to do with the theme of the video that is made so that it doesn’t seem pushy and unattractive.

To find out the ongoing trends, you can monitor the hashtags that are currently popular on various social media platforms.

So that’s the discussion this time about tips for making interesting social media videos.

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