Study for Salesforce Administrator Certification Using Prepaway and Pass Effortlessly ADM-201 Exam

Study for Salesforce Administrator Certification Using Prepaway and Pass Effortlessly ADM-201 Exam

Study for Salesforce Administrator Certification


Who is a Salesforce administrator? How to get a badge of your skills in the field? You’ll find all the right answers below. A Salesforce administrator is a systems administrator specializing in Salesforce CRM products. Their work includes configuration of the platform, user management and finding ways to maximize the platform’s features as well as capabilities. To become a skillful administrator able to successfully utilize these features, you need to pass the Salesforce ADM-201 exam. Let’s look deeper into this exam click here.

The Salesforce Administrator Exam and Program

Here, the Salesforce Certified Administrator program proposes issuing two certifications: Certified Administrator credential addressing the functionality and features used to maintain a Salesforce implementation, and Certified Advanced Administrator able to demonstrate the knowledge of administration best practices and use the advanced features and functionality to solve miscellaneous business problems. In this article, we’ll focus on the Salesforce Certified Administrator credential to gain which you have to pass the ADM-201 test.

Who Should Take the Salesforce ADM-201 Exam?

Talking about ADM-201 exam, candidates sitting for it need to know the features meant for end-users and the options for configurations accessible to Salesforce administrators. They should prove their abilities in maintaining a Salesforce-based organization, responding to common requirements for business, and performing administrative functions through the utilization of the Salesforce features. The applicants should also have not less than 6 months of experience working as Salesforce administrators.

Details on the Salesforce ADM-201 Exam

You’ll have to answer 60 multiple-choice questions to pass the ADM-201 Salesforce exam. They are supposed to take you up to 105 minutes. Every candidate must attain 65% to be qualified. Registration for the exam includes a fee of $200 for a first-time exam taker and $100 for candidates retaking the test. Taking a training course is highly recommended before you sit for the test.

Topics Covered by Salesforce ADM-201 Exam

An applicant’s readiness to carry out practical tasks as a Salesforce platform administrator has to be evaluated. This assessment is carried out through the managing of ADM-201 exam that includes the following topics:

  • Organization setup
  • User setup
  • Standard objects and custom objects
  • Sales applications and marketing applications
  • Service applications and support applications
  • Analytics for reports as well as dashboards
  • Workflow or process automation
  • Identifying use cases targeting AppExchange applications, and many more.

Study Materials for Preparation for ADM-201 Exam

It’s up to you to choose between options of taking the test at a testing center or onsite in an online controlled environment. The good news is that no preliminary tests are mandatory.

A candidate is welcome to get support for ADM-201 exam using expert-led courses or self-study materials offered on the vendor’s website. The preferred study method will depend on the study needs and preferences.

Here are the resources to help you cover all that you need to get ready for the test. Whether you have enough time and want to settle on an expert-led course, or you need an interactive study experience, official Salesforce resource proposes you considering some of the below preparation alternatives.

Study for Salesforce Certification

  1. Salesforce Expert-Led Training Courses

These are in-demand learning options that ensure that you attain Salesforce administrator skills. These are the expert-conducted courses for you:

  • Administration Essentials for New Admins
  • Administrative Essentials for New Admins in Lightning Experience
  • Preparing for Your Salesforce Administrator Certification
  • Salesforce Proficiency Pack for New Admins
  1. Salesforce Self-Study Exam Materials

This option also helps you kick-start your journey towards earning your credential. Materials for self-preparation are usually designed for you to revise based on your consideration. They include the following Salesforce ADM-201 exam revision materials:

  • Prepare for your Salesforce Credential
  • Administrator Certification Prep
  • Superbadges: Lightning Experience, Reports and Dashboard Specialist, Business Administration Specialist, and Security Specialist
  1. Other Helpful Self-Study Materials: Prepaway website

Besides the above Salesforce courses and self-preparation materials, you’ll also need other approaches to help maximize on the time you have for your ADM-201 exam prep. These tools will help you exhaustively cover all the needed exam areas.

As a candidate, you have the advantage of accessing expert-verified exam materials from the Prepaway website:

  • ADM-201 Premium Bundle includes Premium File with 1072 answers and questions and a Training Course with 62 lectures. The premium dumps include tests prepared and compiled to enable anyone getting ready to face their exam to go for it without fear. They are complete and on-point in covering required topics. In this case, you won’t have to worry about a half-baked exam preparation since the ADM-201 practice tests give you all the material for the test.
  • You need to be as equipped as possible to conquer your test, so take the chance to upskill yourself with free ADM-201 Exam Questions.
  • To ensure maximum benefits with the tests, you need to download a testing software that provides you with a great way to interact with the questions. This tool upgrades your understanding and proficiency with the VCE Exam Simulator. The software lets you pick up from where you left, and also practice for unlimited times with the questions. With such an approach, you can easily become a master in answering exam questions.
  • Another way to approach your exam is to use Salesforce CRM- The Definitive Admin Handbook. This is a study guide accessible on the Amazon website. With this book, it’s possible to master the topics and learn how to implement your knowledge through real-world examples.

How to Maintain Your Salesforce Administrator Certification?

Keeping your credential current involves completing the maintenance modules three times per year on Trailhead. Make sure your credential is always up to date to avoid expiration.


Preparing for your Salesforce ADM-201 exam motivates you maximizing on the various exam-studying techniques and skills acquired. What matters at the end of the study day is mastering the knowledge and skills to successfully go through the test. Any exam prep option will work as long as you have set aside enough time. It’s essential to go through each one of the topics with depth. It’s time to pick up from here and work on passing your exam!



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