UC Browser For PC Free Download

UC Browser For PC Free Download

UC Browser For PC Free Download

UC Browser is web-browser designed to supply both rate and compatibility with all modern web sites. It permits you to switch between Chromium and Internet Explorer kernels, based upon your own needs or preferences.

Even the UC web uses data compression and cloud acceleration technology. The Browser servers act as a proxy which helps compresses the data of their webpage prior to sending it into the consumers. Due to it helps to load site faster on each stage.

UC Browser Is like Google’s Chrome browser with no Built-in PDF viewer along with Flash Player. It uses Chromium’s Blink most things like HTML5 and also Microsoft’s Trident for site pages work well in Internet Explorer. It comprises 2 default themes that give your home webpage square or rounded icons. Additionally, it supports most Google Chrome extensions also can be sold with two installed apps that are particular to UC Browser to Laptop. It immediately rendered everything we threw at it.

UCBrowser for Desktop adds a lot of features you probably don’t have this is a fantastic browser for somebody who enjoys Google Chrome but wants more built-in functionality and compatibility. For some reason, it features a facebook icon onto your desktop. I am pretty sure everybody who wants it. UC Browser at one point clarified Google Chrome was from a date and then moved into the Google Chrome download. Seems like fairly large supervision.You May Like UC Browser For Android



Love highspeed downloads with a resume alternative when interrupted and a smart file manager.


Load links and photos ahead so that you are able to open them instantly later on for non-stop browsing.


Seamlessly switch between your Browser newest version alongside your apparatus by updating your open tabs as well as bookmarks.


Customizable speed dials, themes, and Add-ons, and user-friendly and Special features make your Browsing easier and Enjoyable


The browser makes it possible for customers to get content on a fresh customizable website using a feature called cards. Basically, the browser has the capability to produce widgets onto its own home screen. All these in-app widgets are also known as cards and can be manually sorted to your liking.


Cloud expansion tech makes use of UCWeb’s servers to provide considerably faster loading times for consumers. Users can opt to receive it enabled for Mobile or Internet or even decide to disable it manually to either.


UC Browser comes with an integral download manager that is quite complex. Users can set the maximum number of simultaneous downloads, and specify the target folder and choose whether or not they want to be moved before a download is started.

UC Browser For Windows 7/8/10


Night mode will Essentially change the Whole look of the browser to make it easier for Your eyes at Night


It prevents adverts from loading websites in addition to any pop-up ads which might try to come up. Users can look at the number of ads which were obstructed altogether in addition to the number of advertisements which were blocked from each website.


Quick access essentially allows you to own a continuous search bar together with a quick shortcut for your FB news feed, contacts, messages along with a shortcut to writing a fresh status.


UC Browser supports many different gestures making surfing quicker and easier. It also allows one-handed use especially on larger devices like for example phablets. Users can swipe to the proper to proceed backward or swipe to the left to go forward.


It loads pages using only the text and so saves you a great deal of data. It works only on cellular data and once you are connected to some Wi-Fi network or switch off text-only way, the placeholders will be filled with the images one by one.


It’s usually good to own add ons to match the surfing experience, UC Browser provides you several — there’s advertisement block which does exactly what its name implies, Speed manner which lets you select from your own lite, mobile or desktop edition of web sites, thus allowing you to control the number of data that a typical page absorbs along with the loading times, a neat addition is the presence of some QR Scanner that’s one less application that you put in and may be recovered from your browser right.

UC Browser For Android Mobile

Some Extra Features Of UC Browser For PC

  • Speed Boost: Instantly Page-loading and file downloading
  • Video Grabber: Download online video Together with 1-click
  • Pop Out video: Watch Movie in another window while browsing
  • Constructed AD Block: Stay away from undesirable Advertisements by enabling UC Adblock
  • Mouse Gesture: Smoother-than-ever mouse gesture creating Your surfing easy.
  • Accessible on Various Platforms
  • Built-in Download supervisor.
  • Free Themes Available.
  • High-speed download manager.


  • Os: Windows XP/Vista/ 7/8.1 /10
  • Processor: 1 GHz or faster
  • Memory: 512 MB
  • Hard Disk space: 512 MB available
  • Video-card: 1366 × 768 screen resolution

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