Understand the importance of psychometric assessment in the recruitment process

Are you looking to hire the best candidates for your organization and don’t know that what should be the optimum criterion for the selection process? In this case you have surely come to the right place. Here you will get all the knowledge that what should be done in this relation.

There is no doubt about the fact that face to face interviews are important. But just by spending some time with the applicant you cannot know about the hidden aspects of one’s personality. That is why different kinds of tests are conducted so as to evaluate that whether the applicant is suitable for the job position or not.

Among the different kinds of tests, psychometric assessment surely tops the list. If you wish to know the exact behaviour and mental capability of the candidate then psychometric assessment is highly essential. With the help of such an assessment you will get a clear idea that whether the applicant would fit in the job position or not. So, in order to make the right recruitment decision, you should include psychometric assessment as an integral part of the hiring process.

Why psychometric assessment is done?

psychometric assessment

Psychometric assessment is done to check various things. With the help of this kind of assessment you will come to know about the skills, knowledge base, personality traits, actual abilities, academic intelligence and overall attitude of the candidate. Thus you can say that this is a comprehensive kind of assessment for the candidates where all the parameters can be evaluated to the core.

If you think that psychometric assessment procedure has been used recently by the companies then you are absolutely wrong. Psychometric tests are being conducted since the beginning of 20th century and are still very helpful. Large multinational corporations, financial corporations, insurance companies, educational sector, banking companies, IT companies and lots of other organizations prefer conducting the psychometric assessment while hiring the employees.

So, if you want to assess the personality, skills as well as intelligence level of the applicants then it is very important that the psychometric assessment must be done.

 How psychometric assessment can prove to be immensely useful for the organizations?

One often gets to hear that employees are the true assets of an organization. This statement is absolutely correct. But only the right ones are the assets because they can take the company to new heights of success. The unsuitable ones can just cause a hindrance. Therefore it is very important to analyse various things that whether the candidate is suitable for the job profile or not, whether he or she will be able to cope up with the stress factor, will the applicant be able to cooperate with other co-workers, the ability to understand vital instructions and respond on time etc.

All the above mentioned parameters can surely be checked with the help of psychometric assessment and that is why it is really crucial to include this test as an integral part of recruitment criteria.

Psychometric assessment will ensure that you get the most deserving candidates for your organization. You can fill junior, senior as well as topmost positions by this way. Recruitment decisions can be confusing at times. You may get a lot of applications for a job position and majority of the candidates may appear promising. But just by looking at the educational qualifications you can’t guess that which one holds the actual potential to be a part of the organization. In such a scenario psychometric assessment will help to get rid of all the confusions and you will be able to reach important conclusions.

The various concepts that are covered in psychometric assessment

Psychometric assessment consists of a lot of concepts and some of them are like numerical reasoning, verbal reasoning, diagrammatic analysis, error detection and correction, logical aptitude, situational analysis questions, decision making questions, questions to check the personality traits, behaviour and attitude in certain situations, specific skill based assessment to check knowledge in a particular domain etc.

Thus there are lots of things that are a part and parcel of psychometric assessment. It is like an overall test that covers multiple aspects. As a recruiter or employer you can think about conducting a comprehensive kind of psychometric assessment where questions are asked from different fields. The results will give you a clear idea that who should be chosen and who should be not.

The reason to include different kinds of questions in psychometric assessment is to know the actual potential of the candidates. By this way all the hidden aspects of one’s personality can be unveiled in an easy manner. It is a great benefit for the recruiters that will help in taking the right decision.

The online approach of conducting the psychometric assessment

psychometric assessment

Nowadays psychometric assessment can be easily done with the help of online method. The results are available instantly and it is very easy to compare the performance of different candidates. In the earlier times recruiters were required to evaluate each and every aspect of the psychometric test on their own because the approach was pen and paper mode. But now things have changed completely and almost every reputed organization in the world is following the approach of online psychometric tests for screening candidates. It is the most suitable procedure to save time as well as efforts.

If you think that conducting online psychometric assessment would be a costly deal then this is a wrong conception. This facility can be availed at very nominal rates and it is an exceptional move as far as the recruitment decisions are concerned.

Some tips for your guidance

The level of psychometric assessment may vary. For junior job positions the questions can be kept simple whereas for high end job positions where top notch knowledge is required, advanced level questions may be asked. Psychometric assessment helps in simplifying the recruitment process and the results can surely guide towards making the right choice. It is a worldwide practice to conduct psychometric tests while hiring employees and you should also consider this decision if you need the best employees.

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