VLC Filehippo Free Download

VLC Filehippo Free Download

VLC Filehippo Free Download

The VLC media player may be used to perform any type of sound or video which is far better than a number of different kinds of media players. The participant ranks first because it provides several features to the consumers. The operation of this VLC player can also be nice and it may be downloaded without spending anything since it’s free software. Users may create it a default player for all sorts of videos. Windows Media Player and Winamp are its rivals but the amount of documents that VLC can perform is over that of both of the other media players. VLC player also has got the characteristic of playing movies and audios from net and Podcast.



VLC players can convert the arrangement of media files. Any format may be converted into other available formats. Users may format the movies, which can be easily performed on mobiles. The press can be readily converted to the format, and this is supported by the phones. Users may also extract audio from the movie file, which can be kept separately. Here are the steps to extract the audio from a movie file like KMPlayer

  • Click the Media menu and Then Click on Convert/Save.
  • Choose the type of video from which music has to be extracted.
  • Click the Convert/Save button and choose the audio format.
  • Input the destination to which the file needs to be saved.
  • The audio will be pulled and can be saved on the given destination.


Users can utilize the VLC player to stream media from the web. Here are the measures of streaming audio and video from the internet.

  • Click the Media Menus and Choose Stream
  • Provide the address of video or audio that is to be streamed.
  • Click the flow button to stream the video.


VLC has the characteristic of uploading the machine desktop computer. User can save the video of the desktop computer and convert it into a screen capture program. This feature May Be Used for broadcasting a live stream of the desktop to get a desktop computer or laptop. You May Also Check Filehippo Winrar


An HTTP server comes with all the VLC player, which can be used for accessing the VLC payer on the internet. Users can utilize this attribute to control a media center PC by means of a browser. Along with this, users may also control the playback of video and audio. User can also use the smartphone as a remote control to control the VLC player. Users can install programs like VLC, which assist the VLC port to work.

VLC Portable Player For Mac And Windows


Users can watch the videos from YouTube on the VLC Player. Users might need to take the following measures for your purpose.

  • From the Media menu, Then Select Open Network Stream.
  • Input the YouTube URL, that should be played on the player.
  • Click the Play button and the video will begin playing on the VLC player.

Users can click the Codec option from the Tools menu to acquire the location of the MP4 video. This speech can be reproduced to the download manager to get the movie on the desktop.


Users may use the VLC player to stream podcasts and so there is not any requirement of any extra software to flow the podcasts. To be able to listen to podcasts, take the next steps.

  • Click on the View menu in the player.
  • Select Playlist.
  • Hover the mouse button to the Podcast in the + button.
  • Paste the address of this podcast and stream it.


Previously, users utilized Pandora and Spotify to stream internet radio channels. Users used to flow the radio stations in the Winamp player. VLC player may also be used to stream radio channels. Users just need to locate a listen’ link, which will provide the permission to listen to the songs on VLC.


  • Users May add fitters to the Movies and audios Throughout the VLC player. Here are the steps, which the users can use for your objective.
  • Click on the Tools menu.
  • Go to the Synchronization tab and click on Filters Effects.
  • Now provide filters and effects to the movie and sound. Users may alter the way in which a movie can produce audio.

The feature can be used to amend broken videos if there’s no sync between audio and video.

VLC 32&64 Bit Like Kmplayer


Users may utilize the VLC player to create a video as background. Within this procedure, the background picture is substituted by a video, which will operate onto the desktop computer. This feature isn’t available with another media player. Users need to take these measures for your objective.

  • Start the preferences window and click on the Video icon.
  • From the output, pick Prompt X video output.
  • Now restart VLC and load a movie.
  • Click on the movie menu and then click on Set as Wallpaper and kind current video is going to be displayed on the desktop computer.


Users may also utilize the VLC player to insert logo in a video, which is a png or a jpeg file. The program also aids in overlaying the existing logo with a picture. This attribute can be used to provide the firm’s logo in those videos that are used for providing a demonstration.


VLC can also be used to customize the interface. The interface could be personalized via the following measures.

  • Click the View menu.
  • Go into the Customize interface option.
  • Now users may change the buttons, menus, layout, and other things.


The VLC player is free software and can be set up easily. It provides various attributes, which the users can use to listen to music, which can be stored in the computer. Users can even stream music from the internet and store YouTube videos. Another attribute is that audio can be separated in the movie and can be saved as a separate file. These attributes can’t be found in a number of different media players.


  • OS: Windows XP/Vista/7/8
  • RAM: 256MB of RAM required.
  • Hard Disk: 50MB
  • Processor: Intel Pentium III or later.


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