Why Pick ONLYOFFICE Workspace?

Why Pick ONLYOFFICE Workspace


Looking for the best business software to manage all processes within your company? Consider using ONLYOFFICE Workspace. It’s an open-source collaboration platform that includes an online office suite and a bundle of web apps for efficient team management and interaction. With the help of this software, you can deploy a virtual workspace for your team on your own server or in the cloud. Let’s have a deep loot at ONLYOFFICE Workspace and its key features.

Why ONLYOFFICE Workspace?

Today, there are many collaboration platforms to suit any taste. They provide users with broad social networking capabilities to facilitate internal communication and personal interaction. If you need an effective tool to help your teammates work by centralizing all business processes in a single place, you should give ONLYOFFICE Workspace a try. This software allows you to control and optimize document and project management, process emails effectively, build and track customer relationships, plan events, communicate in real time and even create a corporate social network with blogs, forums, news, boards, polls, etc. Let’s dig into the unique features and characteristics of ONLYOFFICE Workspace:

  • Online editors with high compatibility with the Microsoft Office formats

ONLYOFFICE Workspace comes with an online office suite that consists of three editors for text documents, spreadsheets and presentations. The editors are natively based on the OOXML formats (DOCX, XLSX, PPTX), which guarantees complete compatibility with Word, Excel and PowerPoint files. Other popular formats (for example, DOC, XLS, PPT, ODT, ODS, ODP, PDF, EPUB, RTF, HTML, etc.) are supported, too. The editors offer a tabbed user interface and a full set of editing and formatting tools that allow you to create documents of any type.

  • Online collaboration tools

Using ONLYOFFICE Workspace, you can share documents with other users to edit them in real time. Flexible access rights (full access, review, comments only, form filling or viewing) allow you to control who can access your documents. Two co-editing modes, Quick and Strict, make it possible to choose the preferred form of online collaboration: displaying changes in real time or making them visible only after saving. The Version History feature lets you restore any version of a document with a few clicks. Also, you can collaboratively work on projects and communicate in real time in the built-in instant messaging apps.

  • Easy customization

ONLYOFFICE Workspace is a highly customizable solution. Using the Control Panel, you can easily personalize your online office with built-in colour themes and replace logos, titles, links, etc. Use your imagination and create a collaborative environment where you will work with pleasure. Moreover, you can easily adjust the software settings and disable the modules that you don’t need.

  • Advanced data security

ONLYOFFICE Workspace provides users with a comprehensive range of security tools to keep their data safe. You can use two-factor authentication, manage access rights and apply monitoring and logging tools to make sure that no unauthorized person will get access to your digital workplace. Three levels of encryption protection (at rest, in transit, end-to-end) and data backup guarantee that your data is never lost. What’s more, ONLYOFFICE Workspace offers additional protection of confidential files with Private Rooms. It is a space where you can store, edit, and share documents in the always-encrypted form. Each document is automatically encrypted with randomly generated AES-256 keys that are shared with authorized users by means of a unique scheme based on asymmetric encryption.

  • Availability on different platforms

ONLYOFFICE Workspace is easy to use and install. You can launch a web office in the cloud with access through your browser without having to install any clients. If you don’t trust cloud technologies, you can easily deploy ONLYOFFICE Workspace on your own server using a variety of installation options (pre-built binaries, Docker images, etc.). Also, you can download ONLYOFFICE Desktop Editors and edit documents locally on your PC or laptop. Last but not least, ONLYOFFICE offers mobile apps for Android and iOS. With their help, you can edit documents and manage projects on the go.

These are the main reasons why ONLYOFFICE Workspace is an ideal option for teams who need business software with a focus on real-time document collaboration and data security. You can try ONLYOFFICE Workspace by downloading a commercial version from the official website or launch a secure web office in the cloud. The cloud version is absolutely free for teams with up to 5 users.


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